Friday, May 3, 2013

Prode Properties includes a procedure to design/rate pressure safety valves with critical or two-phase flow with the most accurate models
-HEM (Homogeneous Equilibrium Model)
-HNE (Homogeneous Non-Equilibrium) with boiling delay and gas-liquid split contributes
-HNE-DS (Homogeneous Non-Equilibrium)
-NHNE (Non-Homogeneous Non-Equilibrium)
With Prode Properties you can size / rate a PSV directly in Excel (see the following application example)
typical applications are vaporizing/flashing fluids, critical, supercritical conditions,
in addition the rigorous thermodynamic models included in Prode Properties allow an accurate evaluation of all the thermophysical properties required.
The image shows a typical application in Microsoft Excel for a quick and accurate design and rating.
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